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Government and business leaders leverage the institute's independent think tank research and decision support services to help them identify and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.

One of the most critical tasks of a CEO is to make the right decisions at times of uncertainty. In rapidly changing market conditions, a single investment or strategy error can damage the executive's career and company. According to Med Jones, the president of the Institute, "Wrong decisions are based on lack of information, misinformation, or inaccurate decision models."  Our independent advisors can protect the leadership team against management blind spots, internal biases and groupthink.

While the executive team is busy running the business, our consultants will research emerging opportunities and risks, validate forecasting models, review planning assumptions, and provide independent insights on complex issues. The research results are disseminated in the form of private strategy papers, strategic retreat facilitation, best practices training, consulting and CEO program support services.

Think Tank Areas

Support Services

The think tank support services can assist the clients in the entire industry or business development lifecycle, from research and analysis through implementation and operations improvement. The services cover the following:

  1. Analyzing emerging forces, trends, opportunities, and risks
  2. Independent testing and validation of strategy and policy choices
  3. Evaluating strategic operational alignment and recommending improvements
  4. Supporting change programs via workforce training and capacity building

Top Client Challenges

Challenges commonly faced by clients include:

  • Limited time or resource hindering strategic focus
  • Too much noise, conflicting public research and biased financial or political advice
  • Operational inefficiencies impacting strategic execution

Examples of Top Government Leaders and CEO Challenges Questions

Trusted Advice

The institute's independent strategic review services help clients uncover misinformation, potential blind spots, unproductive political or ideological biases or incentives. Our independent consultants provide fresh-eyes analysis offering creative and unique insights to help the leadership team avoid groupthink and potential costly decision errors before implementing a major policy change or embarking on a major development and investment project.

Example Think Tank Research Projects and Support Services

  • PESTEL (Political Economic, Societal, Technological, Environmental, and Legal) research to uncover emerging risks and opportunities
  • Identifying industry, trends, risks and opportunities
  • Identifying business and enterprise risks and opportunities
  • Identifying government policy risks and opportunities
  • Identifying macro economic and financial markets risks and opportunities
  • Identifying equity risks and opportunities
  • Investment portfolio optimization for higher returns and lower risks
  • Country competitiveness analysis, policy support, industrial planning and capacity building
  • Strategic economic development planning and validation
  • Strategic business planning facilitation and validation
  • Strategic governance policy planning and validation
  • Projects and deals screening, due diligence and audit

International Research Cooperation

Sample International Best Practices Research Consortiums & Capacity Building Projects

European Commission Development Program: EUMEDIS (Euro-Mediterranean Information Society) - A Multi-year and Multi-Country Consortiums Projects for Enterprise Creation and Capacity Building Programs in Education, Healthcare and Information and Communication Technology Innovation Management Sectors. Support the EU government and consortia partners in best practices research, training design, content development and delivery.

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