Advisory Board

Board of Advisors

The International Institute of Management is honored to have the following experts on the board of advisors

Think Tank Leadership

President: Med Jones - Strategy, Investments and Economic Development
Chair:   Dr. Adriana Sanford - Corporate Law, Transparency, and Anticorruption
Vice Chair: Bruce Zagaris - International Public and Private Law and Human Rights
Vice Chair: Javier Trevino - Public Policy and Education Chair
Advisor:   Adesoye Folasade Sidikatu- Public Policy, Poverty Alleviation and Women's Affair
Advisor:    Cristian Edwards - Corporate Law and Financial Regulations
Advisor:   Neil Araujo - Technology Management
Advisor:   Dr. Xin (Eva) Yao - Entrepreneurship & Management

Public Policy Leadership Committee

  • Public Policy Leadership Committee (TBA)

Scientific Leadership Committee

  • Scientific Leadership Committee (TBA)

Management Best Practices Advisors

Arcadio Cedra Urrutia - Economic Science & Business Education
Advisor: Angie Latif - Women's Leadership Development
Advisor: Bradley Holcomb - Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
Advisor: Dr. Bruce LaRue - Organizational Development
Advisor: Juan Del Valle - Business Law
Advisor: Michael Thomasett - Investment and Trading
Advisor: Tariq Ramadan - Venture Capital, Finance and Real Estate Investments

Best Practices Network

The mission of the International Institute of Management is to build a worldwide knowledge network to research, develop and disseminate management best practices. This exclusive network consists of carefully selected researchers and management consultants with successful career history and strong subject-matter expertise.

Our associates utilize the collective intelligence of this multinational expert network to maintain a global perspective, learn international best practices and provide leading management advise to their companies and clients.


The membership of the think tank leadership and committees is by invitation only. However, respected experts can apply for the institute's management professional network for learning about advisory opportunities. Applicants must have at least twenty years highly successful research, consulting, education, or executive career supporting government leaders or global Fortune 1000 CEOs. Applicants must agree to and accept the Institute's code of conduct . All applications are confidential. To join the institute's private network, please contact us


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