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Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Investment Management Course (Top PM Course!)
Portfolio Best Management Practices
Training Methods: Action Learning Course and Workshop
Course Venue: USA West (Jan to Dec): Las Vegas. Los Angeles. San Diego. San Francisco. Seattle.
USA East (Jan to Dec): Chicago. Dallas. Houston. New York (NYC). Washington, DC. Miami.
Canada (May to Nov): Vancouver. Toronto. Montreal
Europe (May to Nov): Amsterdam. Barcelona. Dublin. Frankfurt. Geneva. London. Madrid. Milan. Paris. Rome. Vienna. Warsaw. Zurich.
Ask for on-demand and unlisted training venues.
Course Duration: 2  Week(~ 50% seminar + 50% experiential project)
Course Times: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Course Dates: Management Training Courses Calendar
Ask for on-demand and unlisted training dates..
Course Fees:   $39,997
Group Discounts:   10% for 2 delegates. 15% for 3 or more delegates. Government and non-profit delegates receive up to 20% discount for 4 or more delegates. Valid only for Las Vegas venue.
Program Delivery: This course is delivered in-person (in classroom) at the institute's venue. If you have a special customization request such as topics, hours, duration, location, or delivery methods, including blended-learning (hybrid in-person and online learning), or corporate groups vs. one-to-one executive coaching, please indicate that in the registration form.
Course Advantage: Client Testimonials. Training Excellence. CEO Club. Thought Leadership.
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Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Course Audience 

  • Chief Investment Officer's (CIO) team, including investment managers, fund managers, finance managers, investment advisors, private equity managers, hedge fund managers, investment analysts, portfolio managers, investor relations managers, family offices, HNWI, UHNWI and professional investors

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA   Training Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of basic finance concepts

  • Note: We do not accept students seeking initial employment, postsecondary education or initial licensing programs

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Course Objectives 

  • Provide 360-degree view of the investment management function to identify potential blind spots, improvement areas and best practices in each area

  • Provide an understanding of the modern investment management framework, decision-making models and toolsto implement an effective investment management system

  • Offer experiential analysis of the challenges of CIOs and Investment Managers in planning, designing, controlling and rebalancing investment portfolios

  • Although the course covers the key aspects of investment management decision-making and best practices, it is not designed to make you an expert on any single sub-field. For example, the course reviews the applications, the benefits and limitations of various investment analysis tools, such as macro-economics or statistics, but is not designed to make you an economist, or a statistician. The course also does not cover government regulations or laws related to investment professions.If you require an in-depth customization of specific topic, please indicate that in the course registration form.

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Training Focus

  • Develop the core investment management skills and competencies. The core competencies include securities valuation and analysis, investment strategies, investment risk management, hedging, portfolio analysis, and asset allocation

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Training Model

  • Experiential action learning

  • 25%-50% seminar and 50-75% experiential discussion and project work

  • The development and evaluation of management skills are based on KASAC training model

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Key Concepts

  • Top Investment Questions. CIO  Challenges. Financial Markets. Financial Instruments. Alternative Investments. Key investment Criteria. Investment Risk Management. Investments Valuation and Investment Ratios

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Training Course Customization Subjects 

  • CIO's top challenges

  • An overview of the fundamentals of financial instruments; risk and reward performance, US government T-bills, TIPs, government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, money markets, preferred and common stocks, warrants, options, futures and other derivative securities

  • A quick overview of financial markets; money markets, investment banking, primary and secondary markets, security exchanges, US markets, and international markets

  • An overview of investment management principles and policies; asset classes, types of investment securities; security analysis, risk, return, nominal and real returns, assets pricing (security valuation) and transaction costs 

  • Public equities financial statements quick overview, financial performance analysis (financial metrics analysis) and private equities comparable

  • Designing, planning, monitoring and rebalancing an investment portfolio  
    • Investment goals, objectives, strategy and policy statements of an investment portfolio
    • Macroeconomics impact on multi-asset investment management and portfolio design and rebalancing
    • Factor investing (quality, yield, volatility, value, growth, momentum and size)
    • Comparing short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term investment strategies
    • Macro vs. technical vs. fundamental vs. quantemental vs. macro-quant-mental investing
    • Compare active investing vs. passive index investing
    • Choice of risk / reward level; aggressive vs. balanced vs. conservative investment goals and styles
    • How conflicting goals and styles lead to suboptimal performance
    • Asset allocation mix and diversification
    • When to buy, when to hold and when to sell an asset
    • Portfolio diversification best practices
    • Portfolio risk management
    • Portfolio risk analysis metrics (alpha, beta, R-squared, standard deviation, and Sharpe ratio)
    • Beta vs. smart beta vs. alpha investing
  • Investing in bonds, stocks, and commodity exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Hedge fund strategies and when they work and why they underperform
  • Using futures and options in a portfolio
  • Precious metals, gold's role in a portfolio
  • Bitcoin and crypto assets risk, reward, and role in a portfolio
  • REITs and Real estate's role in a portfolio

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Courseware Content (Customized)

The training courseware includes the following:

  1. Participant's coursework and assessment project guide

  2. Subject matter handbook and lecture notes

  3. Executive summary of the subject matter:

    • Summary of essential concepts and finance management best practices

    • Examples and case studies

  4. Investment management toolkit (management frameworks, decision models, checklists, etc.)

  5. Experiential work-based assessment project

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Performance Evaluation (Optional)

  • Performance can be evaluated on the basis of individual or team project deliverables

  • There are no Q&A exams or tests. Candidates can choose to complete customized experiential work-based projects such as developing a relevant analysis document, management strategy, action plan or a senior management presentation

  • The course advisor will review the deliverables and provide improvement feedback. The evaluation is a form of management consulting and experiential coaching for performance improvement

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Notes:Role, Purpose and Conflict of Interest

  • The institute is a think tank and education organization. Our opinion is incidental to our profession. We are not an investment advisory or brokerage firm. We do not sell investments and we do not seek outside investments. We do not manage external assets. We do not function as a rating agency.  We do not accept compensation from companies for review or rating purposes. Any recommendation for or against any asset, trading strategy, buy or sell action is done for an educational purpose only. The expressed opinions should not be considered as an endorsement for or against any asset, company or investment firm. Markets are hyper-dynamic, our forecasts continuously change with changing data; they are used as an input to complex risk management and valuation decision models. Despite past success in economic forecasting and research portfolio designs, we do not provide any guarantee for future forecasts or performance.

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Training Course Registration

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