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Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Options Trading Course (New Course!)
Options Trading Best Practices

Training Methods: Action Learning Course and Workshop
Course Venue: USA West (Jan to Dec): Las Vegas. Los Angeles. San Diego. San Francisco. Seattle.
USA East (Jan to Dec): Chicago. Dallas. Houston. New York (NYC). Washington, DC. Miami.
Canada (May to Nov): Vancouver. Toronto. Montreal
Europe (May to Nov): Amsterdam. Barcelona. Dublin. Frankfurt. Geneva. London. Madrid. Milan. Paris. Rome. Vienna. Warsaw. Zurich.
Ask for on-demand and unlisted training venues.
Course Duration: 4 days (2 days seminar + 2 days project)
Course Times: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Course Dates: Management Training Courses Calendar
Ask for on-demand and unlisted training dates..
Course Fees:   $9,997
Group Discounts:  10% for 2 delegates. 15% for 3 or more delegates. Valid only for Las Vegas venue.
Course Options: This course is delivered in-person (in classroom) at the institute's venue. If you have a special customization request such as topics, hours, duration, location, or delivery methods, including blended-learning (hybrid in-person and online learning), or corporate groups vs. one-to-one executive coaching, please indicate that in the registration form.
Course Advisor: Michael Thomasett
Course Advantage: Client Testimonials. Training Excellence. CEO Club. Thought Leadership.
Course Registration: Apply

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Course Audience 

  • Chief Investment Officer's (CIO) team, including investment managers, fund managers, finance managers, investment advisors, private equity managers, hedge fund managers, investment analysts, portfolio managers, investor relations managers, family offices, HNWI, UHNWI and professional investors.

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA   Training Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of basic finance concepts and stock trading

  • Note: We do not accept students seeking initial employment, postsecondary education or initial licensing programs

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Course Objectives

  • Provide thorough understanding of options trading, jargon, reading of listings, and exposure to numerous strategies; explanation of risk levels; demonstration of strategy timing and execution on actual stock charts

  • Help attendees in expanding knowledge of risk management and trading principles; master basic options knowledge as a first step toward gaining approval from brokers to trade at desired approval levels

  • Provide a complete view of advanced options trading techniques and principles; risk management guidelines; and development of a program of conservative practices and strategies

  • Assist attendees with development of a program for hedging risks in an equity portfolio with the use of advanced options strategies. Demonstrate real-world application of principles and strategies

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Training Focus

  • Help attendees to develop a working knowledge of the basics in options trading, specifically on stocks; understand the risk levels involved; and equate options trade timing with chart analysis

  • Demonstrate that advanced options strategies may be conservative or may cover a broad range of risk levels; ensure that participants proceed with placing funds at risk only after mastering advanced concepts; assist participants in gaining desired approval levels with brokers to trade options; for those working in brokerage, assist in preparing for the FINRA options license (however, this is not a sanctioned test preparation course).

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Training Model

  • Live training with numerous illustrative materials, real-world emphasis, self-tests each hour

  • Application of principles on actual stock charts, demonstrating price patterns and timing for options trade entry and exit.

  • The development and evaluation of trading skills and confidence based on sound principles and thorough knowledge of risks 

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Key Concepts

  • Options trading; various levels of risk; mastering terminology; reading options listings; understanding a few key strategies, notably spreads and straddles

  • Options strategies; advanced application; combinations and hedges; understanding the timing of entry and exit; options as swing trades; options hedges as part of a long-term equity portfolio

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Course Outline

  • Part One:
    1. Option terms and their meaning; 2. Valuation of options; 3. Long and short positions; 4. Risks of options; 5. The options listing; 6. Return calculations
  • Part Two
    •  1. Exercise avoidance; 2. The covered call; 3. Basic spreads. Bull spreads. Bear spreads; 4. Basic straddles; 5. Three powerful strategies ( Covered calls, uncovered puts, covered straddles); 6. Hedging strategies, Protective put, Synthetic stock and Collars
  • Part Three

    • 1. Long pure volatility (long straddles, long strangles); 2. Long leaning volatility (long call and put ratio spreads; long call and put ratio backspreads); 3. Short pure volatility (short straddles and strangles; butterfly; box spread; condor); 4. Short leaning volatility (short call and put ratio spreads; short call and put ratio backspreads); 5. Options arbitrage (long and short calendar spreads)

  • Part Four

    • 1. Coordinating option timing with technical signals; 2. Options on ETFs and other products; 3. Options on futures (leverage on leverage); 4. Exotic options; Asian. Basket, barrier, Bermuda, binary, look-back, exchange and rainbow options

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Training Course Customization Subjects 

  • Aimed at portfolio managers and experienced individual investors
  • Good review of the options market and how options contracts works; long and short positions; selecting an appropriate risk model
  • Timing of option trades based on realistic expectations and an understanding of market cycles
  • Advanced forms of options trading including effective hedges and methods for portfolio management with options.

  • Careful evaluation of risks and how these vary due to many causes, including underlying stock volatility, market conditions, and trading cycles

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Courseware Content (Customized)

The training courseware includes the following:

  1. Participant's coursework and assessment project guide

  2. Subject matter handbook and lecture notes

  3. Executive summary of the subject matter:

    • Summary of essential concepts and finance management best practices

    • Examples and case studies

  4. Options trading toolkit (management frameworks, decision models, checklists, etc.)

  5. Experiential work-based assessment project

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Notes:

Role, Purpose and Conflict of Interest

  • We do not function as a rating agency.  We do not accept compensation from companies for review or rating purposes. Any recommendation for or against any asset, trading strategy, buy or sell action is done for an educational purpose only. The expressed opinions should not be considered as an endorsement for or against any asset, company or investment firm. Markets are hyper-dynamic, we cannot and do not time the stock market. Our forecasts continuously change with changing data; they are used as an input to complex risk management and valuation decision models. Despite past success in economic forecasting and research portfolio designs, we do not provide any guarantee for future forecasts or performance.

Finance Management Course | Finance Course For Managers | Las Vegas, USA Optional Trading Training Course Registration

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