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Human Resources Executive Program
    Strategic Human Resources Management and Leadership

Program Methods: Action Learning Seminar and Workshop
Program Venue: USA West:Las Vegas, NV. Los Angeles, CA. San Francisco, CA. Seattle, WA.
USA East:   Chicago, IL. Houston, TX. New York, NYC, NY. Washington, DC. Miami, FL.
Program Duration: 1 to 2 Weeks (1 week seminar + 1 week experiential project)
Program Dates: Management Training Calendar
Program Times: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Program Fees:  $19,997
Group Discounts:  10% for 2 delegates. 15% for 3 or more delegates. Government and non-profit delegates receive up to 25% discount for 4 or more delegates. Valid only for Las Vegas venue.
Program Options: Available on client site For groups of 5 or more delegates. Contact us for customization of training topics and duration or one-to-one coaching.
Course Advantage: Client Testimonials. Training Excellence. CEO Club

Program Audience

  • This executive education program is designed for senior managers and C-level management with focus on human resources (HR) management. The target audience includes human capital managers, human resources managers, department managers, enterprise project managers, entrepreneurs, and management consultants.

  • Note: This program is designed as an advanced training for government and corporate professionals; we do not accept students seeking initial employment, postsecondary education or initial licensing programs

Program Objectives 

  • Provide 360 degree view of the human resources management function to integrate and align HR with business strategy
  • Review human resources management frameworks, best practices, analysis and decision-making models and tools
  • Offer experiential analysis of the challenges of CEOs and their HR executive teams in leading and transforming their organizations
  • Identify potential HR management blind spots and improvement areas
  • Explore executive management best practices, tools and models for building high-performance teams
  • Share HR strategy and executive leadership insights from the world's most successful executives
  • Analyze, plan, and implement advanced and complex HR strategies that integrate with the business strategy
  • Create a work-based project to help candidates develop strategic initiatives based on their unique set of issues, resources and business environment
  • Learn how to monitor strategy execution using performance measurement systems

  Program Modules

The program consists of 2 modules:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Strategic Human Resources Management

Module 1: Executive Leadership Best Practices

  • Executive Leadership Experience:
    Top HR Leadership Questions and Challenges

  • Executive Leadership Science: Leadership Psychology. Leadership Styles & Behaviors. Personality Profiling. Critical Thinking. Decision Making. Organizational Psychology & Behavior. Motivation Theories. Social Animal. Hygiene Factors Theory. Contingency Approach. Path-Goal Theory. Expectancy Theory. Equity Theory. Tournament Theory. Hierarchy of Needs. Management by Objectives. Learning Organizations. Theory X, Theory Y & Theory Z. Organization Culture.

  • Executive Leadership Skills: Transformational Leadership. Charismatic Leadership. Change Management. Managing Executive Politics. Organizational Alignment. Self-Awareness. Emotional Intelligence. Relationship Management. Conflict Management & Negotiation. Managerial Ethics. Executive Networking. Performance Management.

Module 2: Strategic HR Management Best Practices

  • Top Human Resources (HR) Strategy Questions and Challenges. Strategic Planning. Strategy Best Practices and Pitfalls. HR Strategy Toolkit. HR Strategy Formulation. HR Strategy Implementation and Strategy Evaluation Framework.
  • How to integrate and align HR strategy with business strategy.
  • Critical analysis of the applications and limitations of popular strategic management practices, models and frameworks for human resources management function, including: Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan & Norton). Value Chain Analysis (VCA). Scope. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). Core Competencies. Critical Success Factors (CSF). Scenario Planning. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Risk Management. Trends Probability and Impact. Organization Design. Organizational lifecycle. Change Management. Natural Law. Business Drivers. Environment Scanning. Political, Economic, Social and Technology (PEST) Analysis. Governance. Strategic Alignment. Hierarchy of Objectives. Performance Control System (PCS). Stakeholder Analysis. Power and Politics. Organization & System Design. Business Model. Pareto 80/20. Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

  • How to integrate and align HR lifecycle  with business strategy using: Workforce Planning, Organization Design, Job Analysis, Rewards and Compensation, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training & Development, Employee Separation, and Human Resources Management Key Performance Indicators (HRM KPIs).

Training Model

  • Experiential action learning

  • 25%-50% seminar and 50-75% experiential discussion and project work

  • The development and evaluation of executive skills are based on the Institute's proprietary KASAC management training model

Courseware Content (Customized)

The executive training courseware includes the following:

  1. Participant's coursework and assessment project guide

  2. Subject matter handbook and lecture notes

  3. Executive summary of the subject matter:

    • Summary of essential concepts and leadership best practices

    • Examples and case studies

  4. CEO's toolkit (management frameworks, decision models, checklists, etc.)

  5. Experiential work-based assessment project

  Courses By Industry - Optional Customization (For Group Training):

The management training and case studies can be customized to each industry, including: government and public sector management, banking, insurance and financial services management, investment and asset management, energy, utilities, oil and gas management, trade and retail management, education management, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospital management, construction management, real estate management, agriculture and fishery management, food and restaurant management, telecommunication and information technology management, transportation, freight and logistics management, aerospace, automotive, airlines management, hospitality management, tourism, travel and leisure management, media management, and manufacturing management.

Performance Evaluation (Optional)

  • Performance can be evaluated on the basis of individual or team project deliverables

  • There are no Q&A exams or tests. Candidates can choose to complete customized experiential work-based projects such as developing a relevant analysis document, management strategy, action plan or a senior management presentation

  • The program advisor will review the deliverables and provide improvement feedback

  • The evaluation is a form of management consulting and experiential coaching for performance improvement

Program Registration

Human Resources Executive Program

  • Accelerated workshop option (classroom)
  • Requires seat reservation

Training Program Registration

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