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  • How to apply asymmetric strategies for maximum returns?
  • How to sustain a competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets?
  • What are the best practices of the most successful companies and their CEOs?
  • What are the most common CEO blind spots?
  • How common decision-making models are diluting the performance of public companies?
  • Why do few firms succeed while most don't? What are the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Critical Failure Factors (CFFs)?
  • How to solve the problem of continuously escalating business costs and diminishing investment returns? and how to align operational investments with business strategy?
  • What are the best practices and pitfall of shareholder value creation strategies?
  • How to optimize the value chain strategy?
  • Why do good strategies fail? How can CEOs bridge the strategy and execution gap?
  • How to evaluate a business strategy? What are the risks, rewards and cost of lost opportunity from choosing between alternative strategies?
  • How to balance stakeholders interests? and when to unbalance them?
  • How does the rise of activist investors impact corporate governance and executive compensation? and how to create a win-win system?
  • Where do current valuation models fail? and how to accurately evaluate a company's business value?
  • How to evaluate the CEO?
  • How to evaluate the board of directors?
  • How to evaluate the executive team including the CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, and other executives?
  • What are the top CEO's challenges? How to overcome them?
  • How do companies become dysfunctional and how to prevent political dysfunction among organizational teams?
  • Why do most turnarounds fail?
  • How to accurately forecast economic and sales growth and decline?
  • How to accurately forecast the growth of early-stage products and ventures?
  • To enter a market or not to enter? How timing impact the success or failure of new investments?
  • How much IT is too much?
  • How much innovation is too much?
  • How to hedge against unforeseen economic shifts?

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