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  • What are the US economic risks and strategies for the next decade?
  • What are the emerging global economic forces and trends?
  • What are the national and international economic and financial threats to the US national security?
  • What strategies can prevent future US and global financial and economic crises?
  • What are the probabilities of future major economic events? What is the impact of each event on the US and the global economy? How can the US prepare for such events?
  • What are the available solutions to the global economic problems?
  • What is the best audit framework to assess the health of an economy? How to forecast the economic performance over the short and the long term?
  • What are the risks and opportunities from the rise or decline of Europe, the BRICS and other major economic blocks?
  • What are the threats to the US dollar as the world leading reserve currency? Will an alternative international currency help or hurt the US economy? Who will gain or lose from the introduction of a new global currency?
  • How do currency wars develop? How will they impact the US economy?
  • What are the alternative socioeconomic development models? What is Gross National Development (GND)? What is Gross National Wellbeing (GNW)?
  • What is Gross National Happiness Economics (GNH)? How do government policies impact the well-being of its citizens?
  • Why do some nations prosper while others struggle with debt and poverty?  What are the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Critical Failure Factors (CFFs)?
  • Provide an in-depth study of the world's most successful countries and their leaders. What are the key success lessons?
  • Why does the Silicon Valley keep producing the world's leading technology companies? What are the best practices that can be employed by other economic development agencies?
  • What are the economic challenges and opportunities that emerged by the rapid globalization and technological advances? How best to address them?
  • How did Dubai become the world's most innovative real estate investment and tourism destination in less than a decade? Why are more developed economies are failing to keep up?
  • How do monetary, economic,  wage and tax policies hinder or improve economic growth and national competitiveness in the short and long terms?
  • What is the optimal level of taxes?
  • What is the optimal level of regulation or deregulation?
  • What are the unintended consequences of new policies?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of the Austrian and Keynesian economic policies?
  • How can we use economic policies to solve global social and political issues such as unemployment, socioeconomic and political instability, population problems, immigration challenges, pollution, poverty, epidemics containment, ideological and religious conflicts,  wars, terrorism, energy security, inefficient markets, unequal access to education, healthcare, water, and food, wealth distribution and redistribution, economic class frictions, corruption and abuse of power?

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