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Management Hall Of Fame
The Most Respected Management Gurus

Management Hall of Fame - Management Gurus - Leading CEOs and Management Thinkers 

The Management Society recognizes and honors the world's top management gurus and most influential management thinkers. The researchers' criteria for accepting nominations included the importance of nominee's work, media coverage, recognition within the consulting, academia and international management community. The published list of names contains the elites of the management profession, the managers who impacted the way we think about and do business. Their strategies and work lessons empowers the current and future generation of executives. In our opinion, every government leader and CEO needs to know about these gurus and learn from them. The list is provided in alphabetical order (by first name). The following is a list of the world's most notable management gurus and their most important works: 

  1. Abraham Maslow - Humanistic Approach to Management 
  2. Adam Smith - Political Economy and Enlightened Self-Interest
  3. Akio Morita - Sony Inc. - Innovation as Global Enterprise
  4. Al Saud, Al Waleed Bin Talal - Prince of International Investments
  5. Alfred Sloan  - General Motors & The Executive Organization
  6. Alvin Toffler - The Futurologist
  7. Andrew Carnegie - King of U.S. Steel & Philanthropy 
  8. Andrew Grove - Intel - The Brain of PCs
  9. Arthur Rock - Venture Capital & The Silicon Valley
  10. Bill Gates - Microsoft Founder - The Greatest Entrepreneur of All Times
  11. Dale Carnegie -  How to Win Friends and Influence People
  12. Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  13. David Sarnoff - RCA - A Media Pioneer
  14. Douglas McGregor - Theory X and Theory Y - Managing & Leading People
  15. Eiji Toyoda - Toyota! A Global Engineering Success
  16. Frank Woolworth - Price-Driven Retail Chain Pioneer
  17. Frederick Taylor - Father of Scientific Management
  18. Geert Hofstede - Cultural Diversity for International Management
  19. George Eastman - Eastman Kodak - The Portable Camera
  20. Gorge Soros - The Super-guru of International Investment
  21. Henri Fayol - Father of Administrative Management  School
  22. Henry Ford - Ford Motors - A Pioneering Automobile "Enterprise Engineer" 
  23. Henry Gantt - The Gantt Chart & Project Management 
  24. Henry Luce - Time, Fortune, Life & Sports Illustrated Magazines
  25. Igor Ansoff - Father of Corporate Strategy
  26. Ikujiro Nonaka - The Knowledge-creating Company.
  27. Ingvar Kamprad - Global King Of Furniture (IKEA)
  28. Jeffery Bezos - Amazon.com - Pioneering Global E-Commerce
  29. John Rockefeller - Father of US Oil Industry
  30. Joseph Juran -  Quality Management
  31. J. P. Morgan -  A Financial Giant
  32. Konosuke Matsushita  - Japan Industrial Giant
  33. Lee Iacocca - Chrysler Turnaround Icon
  34. Martha Stewart - Multi-billion Dollar Life Style!
  35. Michael Dell - Dell Computers - Youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 Ever
  36. Peter Drucker - Modern Management Guru
  37. Ray Kroc - McDonald's - The Global Fast Food Business Model
  38. Reginald Revans - Action Learning
  39. Rupert Murdoch - A Global Media Emperor
  40. Samuel Walton - Wal-Mart A Retail Empire
  41. Scott Adams  - Management Worst Practices!
  42. Soichiro Honda - Honda - The Fastest Motorcycle In The World
  43. Theodore Vail - AT&T - A Telecom Giant
  44. Thomas Edison - General Electric GE - The Business of Invention
  45. Thomas Watson - IBM - International Business Machines
  46. Vincent Bollore - Most Successful Corporate Raider
  47. Walter Disney - Disney World - Every Child's Dream
  48. Warren Bennis - Leadership Guru
  49. Warren Buffet - The Oracle of Investing

Notes on the list: 

  • According to Mr. Med Jones, Editor-in-Chief, no "elite" list is all inclusive. There are many management gurus who do not have equal media or research exposure. The nomination for A List is open worldwide. To participate in the survey, please visit Polls

Other "A List" survey results

Methodology & Ranking Criteria

The survey methodology provides the ability to validate nominations and allows insights into the nominees' critical success factors.
  • Public stakeholders can nominate the most respected companies and their leaders.
  • Voters are then asked to give the reasons for their nominations, thus providing valuable insight into what key factors drive the success of these nominees. Questions are presented in free-form and open-ended formats.
  • Further research is conducted to validate the entries using sales figures, business/investment analysts ratings, competitive benchmarking and market impact as expressed in the global media.
  • After verification and acceptance of the nomination, the input is then statistically analyzed taking into consideration the geographic region, the relationship with the company, the number of votes, the listed reasons and the order in which they are listed.
  • When two or more companies score equally on overall ratings (reach a tie) the Institute editors refer to the number of votes.

In a nutshell, the public nominates, the researchers validate the nominations, and the number votes determines the respectability and ranking.

Source: Management Hall of Fame - Management Gurus



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