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Best Practices Publications

The goal of the think tank research is to provide innovative solutions to complex socioeconomic problems.  The research results are published in the form of management best practices and policy white papers. Unlike academic research papers, the institute's white papers are succinct work documents designed for communication and problem-solving by the public and private sectors.

White Papers provide businesses and government leaders with:

  1. A statement of the problem or opportunity
  2. Analysis of root causes and driving forces
  3. Proposed solution and implementation best practices. 

The white papers are followed with pilot projects to utilize and disseminate the research results. The dissemination of the results can be a combination of publications, training workshops, consulting and coaching services. Depending on the funding of each project, the dissemination and the exploitation of results can be in the form of commercial, non-profit or free open courseware.

Annual Best Practices Research and White Paper Contest

Best Practices Publications

Selected Free Research Papers, Articles and Presentations

Selected Research Projects and Speaking Engagements:

Open Content Research  - Open Courseware (OCW) Project
The institute's Open Courseware (OCW) experiment project provides free access to some of the institute's most popular educational materials. For more information please visit OCW

Selected Research Projects and Speaking Engagements:

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Other "A List" survey results (2005)



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