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The Open Courseware (OCW) experiment project provides free access to private and public sector executive education materials.  Our vision for this project is to provide free global access to the world�s leading management thought. As management consultants and educators, we realize that achievements are not created in a vacuum and that no one ever develops anything alone. We realize that we couldn't have succeeded without standing on the shoulders of giants. The Institute's Open Courseware is one way of giving back to the global community and to share freely some of our gained knowledge and experiences.

We invite you to learn, share and contribute to this development project. It�s open, unrestricted and free to all. - According to Med Jones, the president of the institute,   "More than 100 short courses in business and management areas are planned for Open Courseware project". These courses are published under the institute's open access license. They can be freely used or distributed for educational purpose. This open access license is  not a license to plagiarize credit from other authors, it is an educational license for free personal learning and development. The OCW allows free use of the material as long as you provide reference to "International Institute of Management and active hyperlink to its website

The Open courseware (OCW):

  • Does not require that participants to register for the courses.

  • Does not provide access to the institute faculty.

  • Does not grant degrees or certificates.

Advanced Management Courses for the Management Society

Public CEO Courses and Management Training Courses

  •   Advanced Management Courses - Click to download. (No registration is required)

    •   How to Evaluate a CEO?
    •   Strategy Balanced Scorecard Implementation - Limitations and Pitfalls
    •   Strategy Metrics
    •   Top CEO Strategy Questions
    •   CIO and Sarbanes Oxley
    •   Global Leadership Challenge - Nissan Case Study
    •   Restructuring and Turnaround


Free Management White Papers, Case Studies, and Articles

(Free Access Papers. No registration is required. Please contact us for reprint licensing)

Executive Papers and Articles:  Executive Journal



  •  Quality Management Courseware (Un-edited draft presentations)
    •   Introduction to Quality Management
    •   Quality System Objectives
    •   Quality System Procedures
    •   Quality System Manager
    •   Quality System Manual
    •   Quality System Case Study
    •   Quality System Audit


EUMEDIS - Innovation Development Program(No registration is required)

To receive a free Video and DVD version, please contact us

  •  U1- Structures for innovation
  •  U2- How information technology helps innovation
  •  U3- Projects and consultancies
  •  U4- The heart of innovation
  •  U5- Education for innovation
  •  U6- Human resources
  •  U7- Investment readiness
  •  U8- Networks in cluster development
  •  U9- Marketing innovation
  •  U10- Exploitation
  •  U11- Preparing a Business plan to raise finance
  •  U12- Oxford Innovation (Case Study)
  •  U13- The animate consultancy.
  •  U14- Summary of action earning program
  •  U15- Revision and future






Training Customization

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The management training and case studies are planned for the following industries: government and public sector management, banking, insurance and financial services management, investment and asset management, energy, utilities, oil and gas management, trade and retail management, education management, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospital management, construction management, real estate management, agriculture and fishery management, food and restaurant management, telecommunication and information technology management, transportation, freight and logistics management, aerospace, automotive, airlines management, hospitality management, tourism, travel and leisure management, media management, and manufacturing management.


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