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Thought Leadership and Social Impact

The Institute's best practices think tank is referenced by major media and universities.

Happiness Economics and Wellbeing Public Policy

Investment Management and Financial Economics

CEO Leadership and Management Best Practices


Selected links to interviews, news, books and articles published by our advisors.

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Selected Media Coverage of IIM Members

 Adriana Sanford, Chairperson of Advisory Board
Amnesty International USA Board Member

Legal Thought Leader
Speaks on human rights and international privacy laws 
Apple vs. FBI, Google antitrust charges, and other complex legal challenges

CNN Interviews - Adriana Sanford Speak on FBI vs. Apple vs. Google 

Bruce Zagaris, Vice Chair of Advisory Board
Human Rights Committee Chair of the International Law Section
District of Columbia Bar Association

Legal Thought Leader
Speaks on international anticorruption charges and enforcement

Bruce Zagaris - FIFA Corruption Charges

Bruce Zagaris  - C-SPAN 2

International tax, private wealth and trust funds

Bruce Zagaris - Private Wealth and Trust Fund Law


Javier Trevino - Vice Chair of Advisory Board
Mexico's Deputy Secretary of Education
Elected Member of Mexican Federal Congress

Education Policy Thought Leadership

Javier Trivino - Mexico Member of Congress - Ministry of Education

Javier Trivino - Mexico Member of Congress - Ministry of Education

Javier Trevino - Education Policy ChairJavier Trevino - Education Policy Chair


Med Jones, Think Tank President
President, International Institute of Management

Strategic Thought Leadership
Speaks on Investment, Economic, and Development Strategies

The Institute  is recognized as one of the few think tanks that provided an early warning of the global financial crisis of 2008. In 2006, Jones warned about several socioeconomic risks in the decade between 2007 to 2017. His work have been quoted by U.S. and international scholars. His statements and analysis are followed by investment advisors and economic researchers around the world. To learn more, please visit the Investment Management page

Med Jones - European News Global Financial Markets


The Global Investment Outlook
Risks and Opportunities

Med Jones Financial Crisis - Wealthiest Familes in Geneva


Global Economic Policy Best Practices


The U.S. Economic Risks and Strategies


Korea CEO Magazine

The U.S. Economic Crisis and Recovery Plans


CEO Intelligence Report

Global Investment Outlook


Development Economics

Think Tank President Receives Dubai Government's Victory and Love Appreciation Award from the Major General Mohammed Al Marri, Chairman of Committee of Social Development

Med Jones - Dubai Government Appreciation AwardMed Jones - Dubai Government Appreciation Award


Happiness Economics

Gross National Well-being (GNW) Index

The Institute is recognized for the introduction of the first GNW Index for managing and measuring sustainable socioeconomic development in 2005. Inspired by the "Gross National Happiness (GNH)" phrase, coined by the fourth King of Bhutan in 1972, Med Jones designed the GNW Index to overcome the limitations of traditional economic development frameworks and metrics. The Index is considered a breakthrough in public policy innovation for the following two contributions:

1. Prior to the Index, there were many psychological surveys and research papers on the topic of happiness; however, few economists and government officials, if any, took seriously, the concept of happiness as a development policy; this was mainly due to the difficulty of measuring the subjective nature of "feelings". Mainstream economists did not consider happiness a main policy objective. Few recognized the limitations of traditional economics and called for the development of alternative model, but they could not implement their vision due to the lack of a practical tool that integrates subjective and objective measures. The Index was the first published management framework to quantify happiness and integrate it into an econometric tool along other dimensions of health, political, socioeconomic and environmental well-being. 

2. International agencies and governments had large collections of statistical indicators that were used in silos to measure each individual sector performance; government officials could not "connect the dots" to make effective and efficient sustainable development decisions. The Index provided the first integrated 360-degree tool for economists and policy makers to effectively measure and manage the well-being of their citizens.

The GNW framework and Index opened the door for several international initiatives. The new science of happiness economics is filled with new and exciting developments that promise to advance well-being policy-making all over the world.

To learn more, please visit Happiness Economics page


On Executive Education

"A leading CEO development and training Institute... Unlike traditional MBA and management education programs that are rooted in academic theory and text books, the Institute designed an experiential CEO development program built around an advanced set of CEO toolkits for hiring, evaluating, developing and coaching the executive team"  - European CEO Magazine


Best Practices Publications and Articles

European CEO Magazine

Leadership Performance - A Strategic Business Advantage

European CEO Learns About Executive Education Best Practices


Korea CEO Magazine

How to Evaluate a CEO?

Korea CEO Magazine How to Evaluate CEOs - Med Jones - International Institute of Management - USA - Las Vegas


Korea CEO Magazine

How to Evaluate the Board of Directors

Dysfunctional Leadership and Dysfunctional Organizations

Workplace Politics and Poor Performance


CEO Q Magazine

Most Respected CEOs




Research Papers. Professional Magazines. Quotes. In The News

Selected Books Authored by the Institute Advisors



Research Papers. Professional Magazines. Quotes. In The News


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Sample media coverage of the Institute's think tank and education work


 International Institute of Management


International Institute of Management - USA - Las Vegas

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