Best Management Practices Conference

By Invitation Only!

The CEO conference and roundtable events provide a platform to explore the latest and most advanced thinking, strategies, and tools to help public and private sector CEOs and their managers address the emerging business challenges and opportunities.

The conference is a one-day, one-of-a-kind event for executive leaders. The format is based on short presentations followed by an interactive discussion forum and networking events with other influential professionals in the industry. The list of invitees includes the global Fortune 1000 executives, leading management consultants, and respected management thinkers.

During the event, the speakers will share with the attendees the latest risks and opportunities as well as the latest innovations and developments in management practice, thought leadership, and key success strategies in a rapidly changing global economy.

According to Med Jones, the president of the institute, "Best Management Practices" is nothing more than an industry buzz-phrase, unless it saves time, cost, or labor, mitigate risks, enables growth, or develops a new competitive advantage."

Whether you are seeking to advance your management knowledge, solve an industry problem, or network with influential industry executives, the conference provides a good opportunity to connect with some of the best managers, advisors, and decision-makers in the industry. 

CEO Best Practices Awards

During the event, the institute will also honor the recipients of the best management practices awards. These CEO awards are some of the most prestigious recognition of managerial excellence.

Venue: The Stirling Club in Las Vegas, NV, USA
Conference Agenda:

  • 08: 00 - 09: 00  Registration & Welcome
  • 09: 00 - 10: 00  Global Economic Outlook (Emerging Risks and Opportunities)
  • 10: 00 - 11: 00 CEO's 360-degrees Perspective (Business Opportunities and Challenges)
  • 11: 00 - 12: 00 Strategic Management Innovations and Best Practices
  • 12: 00 - 01: 00 Governance Innovations and Best Practices Practices
  • 01: 00 - 02: 00 Networking Lunch Break
  • 02: 00 - 03: 00 Recognizing Executive Leaders(Awards Ceremony)
  • 03: 00 - 04: 00 Recognizing Management Thinkers (Awards Ceremony)
  • 04: 00 - 05: 00 Networking Event

Each session consists of 30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A session.

Who will be attending?

  • The list of invitees includes public and private sector CEOs, senior executives, and distinguished management thinkers

  • Senior executives are decision-making executives with job titles such as C-Level, Presidents, VPs, and Directors.

  • Attendees are well represented from various industries including, but not limited to aerospace & defense, automotive & transportation, consumer goods, energy & power, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and telecommunications


  • The speaker list will be circulated among invitees.

Conference Registration:

Event Registration Fee:  14,997 (USD)
Early Bird Registration Fee:  12,997 (USD) before March 1st..
Group Registration Fee:
9,997 (USD) per person (for 2 or more persons)

Speaking Opportunities & Call for Papers

Source: The CEO Conference and Rountable