Lake Como Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why we chose Lake Como as a venue for our senior management training and why Lake Como is so special?
Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in the world.
It is a popular retreat for celebrity aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times. Many celebrities own or have owned villas at lake como, including Sir Richard Branson, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, Gianni Versace, and others. Make photos thumbnail.

Como is the silk capital of the world. More than 80% of the silk produced in Europe comes from Italy and more than 70% of silk comes from Como. Most world elites and major brands considre Como silk and textile production as the gold standard.

Management Training in Lake Como, Italy

Where is Lake Como (Lago di Como in Italian)?
Lake Como is part of Lombardi province in Italy, Situated in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, close to the Swiss border.

What is the largest city of Lake Como?

Como, Lake Como.

What are the most popular hotels with lake view or close to Como's city center?

Super Luxury and 5-Star Hotels:

Luxury and 4-Star Hotels:

 Good 3-Star Hotels and Apartments:

Budget Local Hotels and Apartments

Note: You can use,, or to learn more about the guest experiences of the above hotels.

What is the nearest international airport?
Milan Malpensa (MXP) Airport

How do I get from Malpensa (MXP) airport to Lake Como?

What are the official websites of railways connecting Como to Milan?

How do I get from Malpensa (MXP) Airport to Milan?

If you want to spend sometime in Milan before heading to Lake Como, you can take the following transportation
Bus (~40 min, costs €6) , Train (~40 min, costs €6), Car (~40 min, costs varies)

How do I get from Milan downtown (Centrale) to Lake Como?
All Milan's 3 train stations (Centrale, Cadorna, Garibaldi) have direct trips to Como City on Lake Como.

What is the best months to visit Lake Como
May to October. The crowded season is July and Aug.

What is the weather and temperature from May to October?
May F (High 66°/54° Low) C (21/12)
June F (73°/60°) C (25/16)
July F (83/65)  C (26/18)
Aug F (81°/65°) C (25/18)
Sept F (74°/59) C (23/15)
Oct F (64°/51°) C (17/12)

It rains about 8-10 days per month, bring an umbrella or a rain coat.

What are the most popular restaurants in Lake Como?

Casual Dining, Outdoor Seating and/or Cheap Eats with Excellent Flavor

Fine Dining Restaurants (Expensive)

What are the top 3 most beautiful and most popular towns of Lake Como?
Como (50 km / 31 miles from Milan), Bellagio (80 km  / 50 Miles from Milan) and Varenna (75 km / 46 Miles)

What is the best way to travel from one town to another?
It is best to travel via ferry during high season to avoid traffic. There are also buses between the towns of Lake Como and you can rent a car, but we recommend that you don't drive if you are inexperienced in driving in narrow streets.

You take a bus also take bus C30, which connects Como City to Bellagio via Nesso (C30 – Como > Nesso > Bellagio); and C10 bus line that connects Como with Colico, passing through Tremezzina and Menaggio towns. (C10 – Como > Menaggio > Colico)

What to do and see in Como City, Lake Como?

Any additional travel advice?
Don't forget your swimsuit and comfortable shoes; there are so many beautiful things to see and walk in old towns and alleys. You can buy train tickets online or at the station.
If you are traveling during high season reserve restaurants online and travel in the morning before 9AM, so you can spend time and have lunch and see beautiful scenery.



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