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Research Associates and Managers
 Location:  Worldwide positions
 Education:  One or more of the following fields: Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Health, Environment, Public Policy, Political Science, Philosophy, Government Administration, and Business
 Status:  Part-time and full time
 Experience:  Min. 1 year university study or research experience
 Pay:  Project  based.
 Various Projects.
 Duration: 1 to 90 days

 Conditions: > Background and reference check
> Be a university student or graduate for researcher position
> Min. Bachelors degree for research managers

We are very selective about who we work with and who we introduce to our team and our clients. Please read carefully before sending your resume

Primary Requirements/Responsibilities/Professional Skills:

  • Research associates will be working for our International Research Center (IRC)
  • This is not an employment position; this a project based contract.
  • Confidentiality, Privacy and Integrity
    • You will be conducting breakthrough research on highly sensitive topics touching peoples lives in every possible aspect, including but not limited to psychological, social, political, economical and other areas.
    • We take the confidentiality and privacy of our surveys and the people involved very seriously. If people do not trust us or believe that a contractor or an employee or a third party can get access to their information for any other than the stated reason, they will not be honest, candid or forthcoming when sharing their information, opinions and experiences; this will ultimately result in inaccurate research results.
    • We have very strict rules and processes to ensure complete privacy of the surveys and the people involved. You must sign a non-disclosure and a non-compete agreements. You may not advertise or sharepublicly orprivately with anyone any information about the research work done at the Institute without a written permission. This include verbal, email, online posting, social media, family, friends or future employers. We do this to prevent anyone in your social network from connecting any learned information to any person surveyed, thus enabling us to keep our promises of complete privacy.
    • Privacy and confidentiality rules include but not limited to work references, collected people information, data collection methodologies, learned analysis, insights and research networks. Upon completing the project, you must submit all data and may not retain any client or data identifying personal information of the people surveyed or their shared responses. Privacy protection entail deleting any electronic communication medium used through third party to prevent potential hackers and unauthorized access to the research subjects or data.You will sign an indemnification letter for any violation of confidentiality and privacy laws
  • Good communication, analysis and people skills
  • Good organization, time management and quality of work is a must
  • Since, most of the time, you will be working autonomously with no one monitoring your work-time,   perfectionism is a must. Auditors will review the quality of your work and compensation will be subject to auditors' approval of the work submitted

Research Associates:

  • Conduct surveys, data collection and validations in your assigned geographical area

  • Surveys include verbal and/or written face to face, phone and/or online surveys.

  • Survey subjects may include psychological, social, economic and other questions

  • Share observations about the data collected to improve accuracy of research

  • It is preferred (but not a must) to befamiliar with the research methods

Research Managers:

  • Managing face to face, phone and/or online surveys and researchers in your area
  • Auditing researchers (individuals and firms) for quality control and errors correction
  • Updating the knowledge management system with acquired data
  • Knowledge of statistical research methods (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Look for and identify discrepancies and errors in data collection, data classifications, analysis, tabulation, numerical and graphical methods
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Management of the research's intellectual property

Personal Attributes:

  • An entrepreneur who understands what it takes to worka startup environment and is focused on business results
  • Willing to learn, career-focused, professional demeanor, strong personal and phone presence, disciplined time management, writing skills and strong professional ethics.
  • Winning mindset, positive "can-do" attitude, cultural sensitivity, friendliness to team members and clients, socially mature, personable, reliable, and dependable
  • A self-starter who is highly motivated, details-oriented, results-driven and can develop and implement goals, objectives, policies and priorities, with excellent follow through
  • Have a professional image and confidence to represent the Institute to our future employees, consultants and clients
  • Ability to work additional and flexible hours especially during major events and projects
  • Ability to work effectively from office and/or from home
  • Able to maintain strict confidentiality regarding both internal and external issues and contacts
  • Have a car and a cell phone line

Additional Information

  • Use PDF format for your resume
  • Please email your resume with minimum expectations of compensation on per work day (8 hours) basis. Include professional or academic references
  • Please use career (at)
  • Phone calls or faxes will NOT be accepted.