Executive Education: Management Training Courses, Seminars, Classes & Workshops in USA: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Miami, Houston, and Washington, DC.
Top Management Training Courses in USA
Top Management Training: Top Management Courses in USA
Top Management Training: Top Management Courses in USA
Top Management Training: Top Management Courses in USA
Top Management Training: Top Management Courses in USA

International Institute of Management is a best practices research, training and consulting organization. The institute's management training courses provide CEOs, entrepreneurs and management consultants with the most advanced managerial thinking and practices.

Government and corporate leaders leverage the institute's think tank research, consulting and training services to help them solve complex business problems and develop new management strategies and systems to improve their performance.

The professional development programs cover the fourteen general management functions, including strategic planning, project management, leadership, operations management, finance, accounting, human resources management, marketing, information systems management, business law, corporate governance, public policy, pubic administration, and managerial economics, and artificial intelligence (AI) productivity and AI management courses.

The duration of the short training courses vary between 2 days to 2 weeks. The duration of the professional development programs vary between 1 to 12 months (1 year).

The capacity building and corporate training courses are offered in USA, Canada, and Europe.

The capacity building programs offer specialized professional training courses in various sectors such as public sector administration, investment management, healthcare administration, hospitality management, petroleum management, telecom management.

All of the public enrollment training course are instructor-led and are delivered in-person (in-classroom) at the institute's premises. Upon request, some of the capacity building programs and courses can be customized (topics, duration, and location)  for individual CEOs, government, and corporate clients to be delivered onsite, in-person, via distance-learning, or hybrid (in classroom and distance learning methods).

The institute's vocational and career development programs are specialized, accelerated and experiential. All of the management courses  and workshops are designed for professionals; we do not accept students seeking initial employment or postsecondary education.



Management training courses, seminars, workshops, programs for managers and professionals in USA, Canada, and Europe