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International Institute of Management
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Management Best Practices

In the pursuit of knowledge, something new is learned
In the pursuit of wisdom, something old is unlearned
To perform, we need to learn, unlearn, and re-learn

- Tao Teh Ching (paraphrased)



Management training courses, seminars, workshops, programs for managers and professionals in USA


About Us

The International Institute of Management, LLC isa best practices think tank. The Institute's consultants study the most successful economies and companies to understand their key success factors. The research results are disseminated in the form of management consulting, training and performance support services.

The Institute's consultants have expert knowledge of the competitive and operational challenges across various industries. For more than two decades, government and business leaders have leveraged our services to help them solve complex management challenges, develop their people's capacity and improve their performance.

Vision & Mission

Knowledge networks will transform the global economy; they will change the way we think, learn and work. The Institute's mission is to leverage global knowledge networks to provide government and business leaders with the latest and most advanced management thinking and tools.

The Institute membership has more than 20,000 professionals worldwide. IIM's CEO Club and Management Society ™ includes more than 10,000 members of senior executives and managers in 40 countries.

The Institute is a network organization that leverage new-economic business model and ICT to deliver services via an international network of research partners, consultants and educators.

Since 1998, the Institute has partnered with over 55 universities and organizations in 40 countries to research, develop and disseminate management best practices and socioeconomic development initiatives.

Professional Services

We serve as trusted management advisors, providing the following Board and CEO support services:

  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Complex problem-solving and brainstorming sessions
  • Strategic investment analysis and portfolio optimization
  • Governance best practices and risk management audit
  • Change management and performance improvement
  • Human capital development and corporate training

Our Value Proposition

  1. Thought Leadership:
    Our advisors include though leaders and some of the most respected consultants in their industries. To learn more, please visit: Industry Recognition and Social Impact and Think Tank Services
  2. Return on Investment (ROI):
    The value of any product or service is best expressed by the customers. To learn more, please visit: Client Testimonials and Training Excellence
  3. International Executive Network:
    CEO Club
    and Management Society are global professional networks for senior executives and managers from Fortune 1000 and reputable companies. Our clients leverage this exclusive network to share knowledge and develop relationships with more than 10,000 business leaders from about 40 countries.  To learn more, please visit the CEO Club page.

People and Culture

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Management Training Courses in USA

3-5 Days Short Executive Courses and 1-12 Months Advanced Management Programs

Las Vegas, NV. Los Angeles, CA. San Diego, CA. San Francisco, CA.
Seattle, WA. Chicago, IL
. New York, NY. Washington, DC. Houston, TX. Miami, FL.


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