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IIM Open Courseware (OCW)

The IIM Open Courseware (OCW) experiment project provides free access to some of IIM's most popular educational materials.  The IIM's OCW:

  • Does not require that participants register
  • Does not provide access to IIM faculty
  • Does not grant degrees or certificates
  • Allow free use to all, as long as you provide copyright reference to "International Institute of Management " with and active hyperlink (for online use)

IIM Open Courseware (OCW)
IIM Open Courseware (OCW) is a showcase of excellence. Our vision is to provide free global access to the world’s leading management thought. As scholars and consultants, we realize that achievements are not created in a vacuum and that no one ever develops anything alone. We realize that we couldn't have succeeded without standing on the shoulders of giants. IIM Open Courseware is one way of giving back to the global community and to share freely some of our gained knowledge and experiences. We invite you to learn, share and contribute to this development project. It’s open, unrestricted and free to all.
- Med Jones, President of IIM

More than 100 courses in business and management areas are planned for Open Courseware project in 2008-2009. These courses are published under IIM's open license. They can be freely used or distributed for educational or commercial purposes as long as you:

  1. Provide us with a courtesy notice
  2. Provide copyright reference to "International Institute of Management" - please keep an active hyperlink for online use.

Initial open courseware materials offered

  • CEO Seminars: OCW Executive Seminars
    • How to Evaluate a CEO?
    • Strategy Balanced Scorecard Implementation - Limitations and Pitfalls
    • Strategy Metrics
    • Top CEO Strategy Questions
    • CIO and Sarbanes Oxley
    • Global Leadership Challenge - Nissan Case Study
    • Restructuring and Turnaround
  • Executive Papers and Articles: IIM Executive Journal
    • Strategy Paper: Strategies for A Global Digital Economy
    • White Paper: Sarbanes-Oxley and the CIO
    • Management Insights: On Leadership
    • Case Study: Corporate Governance for Developing Countries
  • Executive Action Learning Courses:
  • Quality Management Courseware (Un-edited draft presentations)
    • Introduction to Quality Management
    • Quality System Objectives
    • Quality System Procedures
    • Quality System Manager
    • Quality System Manual
    • Quality System Case Study Part 1
    • Quality System Case Study Part 2
    • Quality System Case Study Part 3
    • Quality System Case Study Part 4
    • Quality System Case Study Part 4
    • Quality System Audit

Check back with us to see an update Open Courseware (OCW) list



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