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Gross National Happiness (GNH) Survey

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Dear Visitor,
IIM invites you to participate in the first annual Gross National Happiness (GNH) Survey. The survey results will be instrumental in the development of an annual global report that will address various issues affecting our global socioeconomic world and living environment. The report offers you a unique forum and the chance to share your experience, air your ideas and shape the awareness of your leaders on issues affecting your life, work and economy. The main goal of the report is to provide a public policy white paper to world governments, NGOs and businesses to advise their leaders on current and emerging issues and share innovative solutions and best practices to improve your personal and professional lives. The paper is published under open content and no fee is charged for its use or republishing.

The survey asks you to rate your satisfaction in 7 areas:

  1. Economic satisfaction (savings, debt and purchase power)
  2. Environmental satisfaction: (pollution, noise and traffic)
  3. Workplace satisfaction (job satisfaction, motivation, ethics, conflict, etc.)
  4. Physical health (Severe illnesses, overweight,..)
  5. Mental health (usage of antidepressants, self-esteem, positive outlook..)
  6. Social satisfaction [including family and relationship satisfaction] (domestic disputes, communication, support, sex, discrimination, safety, divorce rates, complaints of domestic conflicts and family lawsuits, public lawsuits, crime rates, etc.)
  7. Political satisfaction (quality of local democracy, individual freedom, and foreign conflicts, etc.)

Your rating will be used to rank each country in each field and will be use bring attention to national policy makers to issues in your country

Thank you for your participation in this survey and for your contributions toward advancing the global socioeconomic environment.

Med Jones
President, IIM

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Gross National Happiness (GNH) Survey

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Satisfaction Rating:
Rate 0-10 : With 0 being very dissatisfied, 5 being neutral and 10 is very satisfied

Satisfaction Area  Overall Rating
Physical & Mental Health  
Living Environment  

What are the top 10 positive things in your life?
(Home, work, society, health, economic, politics and environment)
(List up to 10 positives. Max 1000 character)


What are the top 10 challenges in your life?
(Home, work, society, health, economic, politics and environment) 
(List up to 10 challenges. Max 1000 character)


What would you advise your government and business leaders?
(Home, work, society, health, economic, politics and environment)
(List up to 10 improvement recommendations. Max 1000 character)


What are the most influential (positive or negative) local or global governmental and non-government initiatives/projects?
(Home, work, society, health, economic, politics and environment)
(List up to 10 projects. Max 1000 character)



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