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Henry Gantt (Henry Laurence Gantt) - Gantt Chart

Henry Gantt (Henry Laurence Gantt)
The Gantt Chart
(1861 - 1919)

"Whatever we do must be in accord with human nature. We cannot drive people; we must direct their development…the general policy of the past has been to drive; but the era of force must give way to that of knowledge, and the policy of the future will be to teach and lead, to the advantage of all concerned." (Henry Gantt)

Key Work

Henry Gantt's legacy to management profession is the following:

  • The Gantt chart: Accepted as a the most important project management tool until today. It provides a graphic mechanism of planning,  controlling work  and recording the progress of workers toward the task standard. The Chart also led to its modern variation - PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique).
  • Industrial Efficiency: Industrial efficiency can Only be produce by  the application of scientific analysis to every aspect of work. and industrial management role is to improve the system by eliminating chance and accidents.
  • The Task And Bonus System: He linked the a manager bonus to how well he teaches his employees to perform better. 
  • The social responsibility of business: He believed that the business had obligations to the welfare of society that it operates in.

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