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The Executive Journal


Editorial Statement:

Welcome to the Executive Journal (EJ)
Executive Journal is a new open access publishing project with a mission to encourage management best practices dissemination. We will pursue this mission by publishing consulting papers in a format targeting executives and senior managers. EJ is intended to create an expert platform for new forms of management knowledge creation and dissemination.

Bridging Research and Practice
EJ is a management best practices publishing platform, it is not an academic research publishing platform.
Many of our clients find academic research to be fuzzy and mostly rooted in theory and text books. Even some of the best research tends to be written in a language and format that are hardly useful for a practicing executive. The aim of EJ is to bridge such gaps by providing a new open media outlet that emphasizes application-based content, combined with a "simple to understand use" format. The goal of EJ is to provide access to new case studies, insights and lessons learned to challenge assumptions rooted in tradition and outdated management thoughts and practices. EJ's main focus is on breakthroughs in management thoughts and best practices, hence the publication process is highly selective. Academic researchers may submit their papers, but only if formatted in a consulting or white paper format.The main difference is that all published authors are required to frame their findings in such a way as to highlight managerial applicability. All practice-based white papers, case studies and articles are welcome. Using easy to read illustration diagrams, checklists, bullet points and tables is highly encouraged.

Authors and Editors
EJ Editor (s), reviewers and authors of EJ are industry experts who share their knowledge and talent to contribute to the global community of management professionals and reap the rewards of international visibility, credibility and professional networking.

Annual Management Best Practices Awards
he institute plans to publish a compilation of the year's best white papers and articles in electronic and print format. The work will be available for access online. For more information check the Annual Management Paper Awards


Open access does not mean no copyrights. We do not charge money to access the papers on the institute's website. However, the copyrights of all papers belong to the the authors listed in the documents. If you require re-prints, please contact the author. When submitting an executive paper, a case study or a presentation, please provide copyrights and ownership statements, as per Author's Guidelines.

Executive Journal
The Executive Journal  is an open access project with contributions from industry experts and management consultants. The think tank also organizes an annual worldwide management best practices paper contest to encourage the development of management science and practice. The current fields of research include the following management best practices areas:

  1. Leadership Development
    • Leadership psychology
    • Self-awareness (Psychological profiling and psychometrics)
    • Relationships management (Personal, teams and organizational behaviors)
  2. Globalization
    • Global trends, challenges, threats and opportunities
    • Global socioeconomic change
    • EU unification- The socioeconomic impact of the largest democratic experiment in the history of mankind
    • The rise of China and India and their impact on the global economy with focus on outsourcing, off-shoring, global resources and markets
    • International business strategy
  3. New Economy (knowledge economy)
    • Innovation-based enterprises and economies
    • Entrepreneurship and small business enterprise creation
    • Economic forecasting
    • Predictive economics
  4. Digital Management Best Practices
    • E-Strategy (E-Business, E-Government, E-Learning, E-Health and E-Telco)
    • Next-generation Internet, IT and Telecom management
    • E-Management industry standards and best practices
    • PDBOT (Plan, Design, Build, Operate and Transfer)
    • IT and Telecom management standards (ITIL, ITSM, GCC, COSO, COBIT, ISO 17799, HIPPA, ITU –TMN, ISO- FCAPS and TMF-FAB)
    • Corporate E-Governance and Control (Sarbanes-Oxley and SAS 70)
    • ICT quality management (ISO 9000, TQM and 6 Sigma)
  5. Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  6. Finance and Investment Strategies

For sample articles and papers please visit the Executive Journal .If  you have n experience in similar areas and are interested in participating or sharing your results with us then please Contact Us

Executive Journal First Issue (Draft)

  • Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Eva Yao
  • Publishing Dates:  Open.
  • Submission Deadlines:  Open.

Open Call for Editors and Papers
The institute welcomes contribution from all management professionals worldwide. Any qualified professional can become an editor or a published author. The editorial board of practice-based researchers will make publishing decisions. These board members serve a 1-year term with no limit to the number of terms they may serve.  They also jointly decide on the next incoming Editor-in-Chief.

Editorial Letter: Call for papers on Digital Economy (pdf), By Med Jones

Sample or type of materials to be considered for first issue

Authors, please consider the type of content, format and style of following sample docs before submission:

Sample formats of executive white papers, articles and case studies

  1. White Paper: U.S. Economic Risks & Strategies 2007 -2017, (v1.2) - By Med Jones
  2. Economic Theory: Virtuous and Vicious Economic Cycles Theory
  3. Socioeconomic Theory: States Integrity Theory
  4. White Paper: Gross National Happiness / Well-being (GNW / GNH) - A New Economic Development Metric (v1.0) - By Med Jones
  5. White Paper: Workplace Politics: Symptoms of Dysfunctional Organizations - By Med Jones
  6. White Paper: CIOandSarbanes-Oxley Compliance Best Practices (pdf) - By Med Jones
  7. White Paper: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (pdf) - By Med Jones
  8. White Paper: KASAC - A New Paradigm for Executive Education (pdf), html - By Med Jones
  9. White Paper: Improving Supply Chain Management (SCM) - By Hari Perumal
  10. White Paper: Comparative Company Law US Vs. Europe - By Enrico Furio
  11. Strategy Paper - Strategies for a Global Digital Economy, (pdf) - By Med Jones
  12. White Paper: Dysfunctional Leadership & Dysfunctional Organizations - (v1.0) - By Med Jones
  13. Best Practices: Transform Your Culture With Action Learning Teams - By Dr. Bruce LaRue, Executive Excellence
  14. Government Case Study: Corporate Governance for Developing Countries - By Dr. Nasser Al Saidi
  15. Essay - "Lets move forward" - By Marc H. Morial
  16. Essay: International Arbitration - By Enrico Furio

Sample executive perspectives for strategic analysis

  1. Executive Perspective - Microsoft's Bill Gates on "The New World of Work"
  2. Executive Perspective - Exxon's Rex Tillerson on "The Global Energy Community's Leadership Imperative"

Sample executive presentations that can be used for scholarly, technical and critical reviews

  1. Executive Case Study -  UBS growth strategy presentation
  2. Executive Briefing - World Energy Outlook (A 2030 View) 

Other Research Resources



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