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FAQ: Executive Education & Training Courses

  1. Why Invest in Management Training Courses?
  2. About Executive Education Model

  3. How your education different from other business schools?

  4. What is KASAC executive education and evaluation model?

  5. How does your executive education compare to MBA programs?

  6. How does the executive education work?

  7. What is the emphasis of the IIM education?

  8. Do I need GMAT for admission to Executive Education programs?

  9. Do you offer corporate training programs?

FAQ: For International Clients

  1. Do I need a visa to enter the USA for attending the management training courses?

  2. What US locations can you provide Management Training Courses?

FAQ: Course Materials

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  2. Can I see a sample course presentation/lecture materials?

  3. Can I see a sample of reading materials?

  4. Can I see a sample project assignment?

  5. Can I see a sample list of course reference books and optional case study materials?

FAQ: Accreditation, Recognition, Credit Transfer

  1. Do you offer degree or professional license programs?

  2. Do you have an international accreditation?

  3. Do you accept credit from other universities or from past work experience?

FAQ: Financial Aid

  1. Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

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