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IIM Public Administration Training Courses

The public administration training courses are designed for public administrators and civic leaders. The program consists of modular public administration courses developing managerial performance in all of the ten administration functions. The program subjects cover Public and Organizational Leadership, Strategy Formulation , Human Resources Administration, Advocacy, Budget Administration, Civic and International Laws, Human Rights, Democracy, Peace Studies, and Socioeconomic Development.

IIM public administration training courses are customized "action-learning" programs with focus on leadership and organization development.  IIM's professional administration training programs differs from traditional academic programs in focus, content and delivery. IIM management education model makes the following shifts:

  • From theoretical education to experiential education
  • From passive (listening) to active (doing)
  • From teacher-driven learning to student-driven learning
  • From just in case (generic) to just in time (customized)
  • From a teaching process to an advisory process
  • From memorizing to brainstorming
  • From question-based exams to project-based assessment
  • From passing the tests to lifelong learning
  • From knowledge transfer to knowledge creation
  • From competitive learning to collaborative learning

Public Administration Training Courses and Duration

  • IIM public administration training courses can be delivered in classroom or via distance learning (DL)
  • Accelerated classroom option requires attending a 3-5 days seminar/workshop in Las Vegas.
  • DL option requires strong self-study skills. Participants receive a project assignment and assessment feedback from an IIM advisor via email. The duration of each course takes about 2 weeks.

Public Administration Training Course Delivery Options and Costs

  • Accelerated Training Workshop in Las Vegas (4 days)  = $4,999 (USD)

Public Administration Training Course Objectives:

The Public Administration training courses are set within the context of contemporary political, social, economic, and administrative environment. The program key objectives include the following:

  • Providing the candidates with a multidisciplinary perspective of the complex environment within which governance occurs, as well as the competencies, values, duties, responsibilities, challenges and problems of public service professionals.
  • Exploring responsive, equitable, effective, efficient, and accountable governance processes, public policies, and institutional-base programs.
  • Providing ideas, strategies and tools to plan, design and manage development and reforms initiatives in relevant sectors

Public Administration Training Course Topics

Training subjects address challenges and opportunities in public administration systems, including administrative and organizational structures, decision making, planning, budgeting, public personnel administration and management, policy development, analysis, implementation and evaluation, the challenges and opportunities regarding governance, inter-governmental relations and ethics. Upon the completion of training needs survey, the Client and IIM will select top priority discussion/action subjects:

  • The profession of public administration: its meaning, scope and significance
  • Public administration professional values, ethics and standards (responsiveness, collaboration, anticorruption, governance and accountability)
  • Administration science and leadership
  • The design, structure and processes of public organizations
  • Public policy analysis and implementation evaluation
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Public budgeting and financial administration
  • Sector-specific policies, reforms (such as democracy, economic reform, education reform, and woman empowerment)
  • Change, complexities, challenges, and crises in public administration

Note: The Public Administration training course has an optional module that provides focus on the American Democratic Government Model. It covers historical, philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects of the U.S. Government, institutional and legal frameworks, U.S. constitution, federalism, democracy system, political legislative, and executive processes)

Civic Leadership Training Course - Customization

  • The role of international norms, institutions, and states in a peaceful world order with focus on International law and the United Nations (UN) system
  • The impact of religious, philosophical, and cultural influences on sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, democracy, rule of law, and peace
  • The promotion of social, economic, and environmental justice
  • Legal frameworks for civil society
  • Government structure and relations (central/regional/local governments)
  • Socioeconomic development and poverty reduction strategies
  • Strategic change/reform management
  • Leadership skills development decision-making, team building, negotiating, consensus building, conflict management, crisis management, change management, effective communications, stakeholders management.
  • Organization development and performance management
  • Developing Public-Private partnerships
  • Conflict prevention, management and resolution
  • Sustainability of the civil society
  • Strategies for public participation and advocacy

Public Advocacy Program - Customization

  • Creating public mission statements and a common purpose
  • Assessing the public policy environment - actors, process, challenges and opportunities
  • Planning, designing, implementing and managing programs
  • Public Communications: developing the message, informing, persuading, and moving to action
  • Public and media relations
  • Project implementation: time, budget, resources, risks and quality
  • Building public and private alliances and advocacy networks
  • Public and private fundraising: proposal and grant writing
  • Mobilizing public resources and volunteer management
  • Public program monitoring, control and evaluation

Public Administration Training Course Calendar

  • Public Administration and Civic Leadership training courses are available only to Governments and NGOs upon request.





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